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Registracija SP-a u Republici Srpskoj

Objašnjeno je koje su prednosti i mane poslovanja putem SP-a u Republici Srpskoj te koja je procedura za registraciju?

Registering all types as generic interfaces in assembly in dotnet core

Injecting types as their generic interfaces has many advantages. Here is how to register those types in dotnet core.

How to setup git author details for different clients

Setting different author info for different clients and its repositories requires three steps only. While it might seems like unimportant at first, improper setup can have legal consequences.

Add home NAS as Nextcloud external storage

Keeping files and documents in NAS, located at home is a preferable way and privacy vise. Real advantage of such storage is achieved by attaching it to your Nextcloud instance, without exposing it ...

Nextcloud: Honest review

If you are planning to install Nextcloud, this post should be your first step in the process. This is a self-hosted, honest review of Nextcloud and its integrations.

Setting up Nextcloud as alternative to Google services

If you are searching for Google Drive or Keep Notes alternative, Nextcloud might be a solution you are looking for. I will show you how to set it up, what are its advantages and defects.

Moving away from Google services

Danger of having locked Google account is real. I’ve started my migration from Google services and dispersing access to my data. This is how.

Android automated tests with Robot pattern (in Kotlin)

Writing powerful automated tests for Android has never been easier. This is how to utilize AndroidTestKTX with Robot pattern.

Kotlin DSL for Espresso and UIAutomator

Android automation tests assume Espresso and UIAutomator. This DSL unifies them into unique syntax.