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About me

About me

Who am I?

I am a software engineer. A father and a husband.

What do I do?

Director of Engineering at Shyft Moving.


I have a great interest in fintech products.
That’s what I was building for the 7 years at least. Some examples are:

  • Trading softwares for stock exchange.
  • Accounting softwares for investment funds.
  • Risk calculations for bonds and securities
  • Payment processing solutions (virtual/plastic cards, ACH, Wire).


Android is my first love, it lasts since Froyo, for 10 years, and counting.


  • AWS is new big love. Azure is as cool as Amazon. GCP as well.
  • Fan of proper branching strategies, healthy development processes and useful reviews.
  • Proponent of software architecture that works.
  • Automated QA is a must.

Free time

When I don’t play with the kid, I play with Raspberry. Amateur photographer. Audiophile. Woodworking.